This page will be updated as events occur.

ATTENTION!........The dates on the photos are Bogus!

Carmen is still learning to use her new camera.


March 31, 2006       First night not that great. We ran out of time and day light.

We will have to go back in the morning (ten miles) and load the cars for towing.

We are at a Days Inn, east of Longmont. This will set us back about a third of a day.

Left Longmont around 10:45 Saturday morning. What a late start!!

We stayed in a little roach motel about 20 miles west of Hays KS.  No Internet!!

As can be seen in the photos, we left Colorful Colorado with the convoy.

SUNDAY.....Did not get a very early start. Kinda pooped! We are on I70, doing an average speed of

60 MPH. Traffic of course is not bad in Kansas. By late afternoon we made it into Missouri. We were

moving right along when we decided to stop for fuel. Sheila was starting to put fuel in her truck when

she discovered one of the rear tires was literally GONE! We tried for a couple of hours to get a new

tire but the truck stops don't carry tires small enough. Every one else is closed till in the morning.

So, here we are at the Days Inn in Oak Grove, MO.   This may end up being a four day trip.

Monday  4/3/06........Another slow day. By the time the hillbillies at the Missouri tire store got the tire

mounted, it was noon. We only made it to Casey, Illinois. That is OK though. We only have about 4

hours to Ohio from here. We missed a turn on I70 going through St.Louis. We ended up in the middle of

town with out a clue how to get out. Our convoy seemed really out of place. At a stop light, I spoke

to lady in a car next to me and asked her how to get across the Mississippi to Illinois? She said she

was headed that way and to follow her. She did it, and got us out. God Bless this lady. Carmen

snapped a photo from her truck, right behind me. The date is right on this photo. To Bob Dornan,

the blown tire was on my truck.

 Tuesday 4/4   We arrived in Cincinnati late this afternoon, and we are POOPED!

More news later!

Saturday 9/9  Well, we've been here for five months. Time for an update I guess. After 42 years in Colorado,

I still feel like a visitor here. Like, "What the HELL am I doing HERE??"

Here are a few pictures of our little house. It's 55 years old, and in much better condition than ME.

Nice big back yard for an antenna farm, if it cools down a little and I get the money.


That's all for now. I will put on inside pictures if we ever get unpacked!