More on my small Antenna Farm

Updated 10 JUL 2011

I would like to start out saying that I am retired and a Non Consumer. Some people become Non Consumers out of necessity. That is me!

I try to do all my projects cheaply. They are done out of the junk box or the scrap box. I got rid rid of a lot of stuff when the XYL and I

move to Cincinnati. (I know, "What the Hell am I doing Here?). Fortunately I kept enough stuff to complete a few projects. I bought the

old Rohn 6, but got it cheap. So, here are a few pictures..........


  This is the Virgin Antenna Farm (back yard) before Planting


After Planting!

This is the RF Relay Box and controls. All from junk box parts.


The picture on the right, is the New roomier Relay Box. 

A four position latched relay added, and many control lines for future expansion. 


   One thing kind of interesting. The stainless steel cable, cost more

                    than the winch!